Benefits And Outcomes

Benefits And Outcomes

Multi-level Socialization

Dr. Maria Montessori established the first classroom based on her philosophy for the age group 3 – 5 years old in a home-like  environment. The idea of having multi-aged grouping in the classroom is to support socializing and exposing every child to different social roles. They observe each other and also learn from each other. It offers a miniature version of the society to the kids and lets them learn to share, socialize and lead an independent life. When socialization is instilled at an early stage, kids become capable of inventing new games, enjoying the  company of other kids, discriminating right or wrong, enjoy sharing and learning to make their own decision. 

“The teacher, when she begins work in our schools, must have a kind of faith that the child will reveal himself through work. She must free herself from all preconceived ideas concerning the levels at which the children may be.”
Dr. Maria Montessori

Freedom Within Limits

Freedom within limits is one of the core concepts of Montessori education. At South Calgary Montessori Childcare and Daycare Centre, we set our expectations along with the rules that help the kids to follow a routine. Kids have the freedom to move around the classroom and do the work of their choice, but all within the prescribed limits and proper behavior. Such controlled freedom can lead to a relationship that is secure, loving and trustworthy between a child and adult. All our classrooms are perfectly planned to offer a range of choices, but within limits. When children have their own choices, their leadership skills and inquisitiveness are naturally instilled in them. We can witness the development of self-discipline through their choices and freedom.

“It is the child’s way of learning. This is the path he follows. He learns everything without knowing he is learning it … threading always in the paths of joy and love.”
Dr. Maria Montessori, “The Absorbent Mind”

Focus on the Whole Child

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, arousing interest that engages the child’s whole personality is the most  essential part  of education. She believed that such an approach values a child’s spirit and development in terms of physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. The whole child education concept was conceptualized and developed by her. Here, children experience whole body learning using their movements and senses, as the entire preschool education is not just focused on academics but also other aspects like physical and mental education. Kids in our play school learn to be more independent with improved concentration and develop the habit of sharing and giving respect to others.

“As soon as independence has been reached, the adult who keeps on helping becomes an obstacle.”
Dr. Maria Montessori (1949), “The Absorbent Mind”

Hands on Learning

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that moving and learning are inseparable.  Based on this concept we have designed our curriculum to provide  children with hands-on learning experience. Whether it is math or language, kids learn using hands-on materials such as  Montessori tools and materials. Unlike a traditional classroom, Montessori classrooms offer project-based learning, design-based thinking and flipped classrooms. This multi-sensory approach of learning allows  the children’s senses to be involved. 

“Little children revealed that the development of the mind is stimulated by the movement of the hands. The hand is the instrument of the intelligence. The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling.”
​Dr. Maria Montessori, “The 1946 London Lectures”

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