Montessori Philosophy

Montessori Philosophy

Montessori Philosophy

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, uniform methodology in education cannot meet everyone’s needs and requirements as the learning pace, capability and interests are  different for every individual. In order to provide quality education, she set up an environment where kids have access and are free to pursue  their interests.

Montessori education is designed in such a way to meet the needs of each and every child. Here, children learn as they practice and follow the skills of their interests without pressure. 

With her experience and insight, Dr. Maria Montessori formulated teaching methodologies and tools that cover the basic requirements for the sensorial, practical, lingual and cultural developments. To achieve the self-directed learning goals, she built the entire atmosphere, including the learning environment, classroom, teaching tools and materials, child friendly.

Moreover, in a Montessori school all of these come with a safe learning platform and positive environment. At South Calgary Montessori, our teaching staff and kids work together to build a healthy relationship based on trust and respect that nurtures self-confidence and motivates them to experiment with new things.

Montessori based education brings in equal focus on choice of education and a well-planned education for small children. Montessori education offers an exciting and fun-filled learning experience besides a warm and home-like environment.

Our Philosophy

Montessori philosophy believes in sharing love and giving respect to everyone. South Calgary Montessori childcare and daycare centre is based on Montessori philosophy and hence we make sure that every child is looked after with utmost care, as we believe everyone is special. Such a loving and caring environment encourages and motivates kids in achieving their dreams.

The lively and fun-filled classrooms also offer a calm and peaceful environment for the inner peace and well-being of the children. Kids nurtured and taught under such an environment grow into peace-loving, compassionate individuals and learn to reciprocate the same to others.

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