“Play is the work of the child” 

Our Kindergarten Programme

For five-year-old kids, we offer full-day kindergarten program in South Calgary Montessori Childcare. At our kindergarten centre, we understand that this is the most crucial year of a child’s early education. Moreover, it is the final year of the early childhood Montessori Education Programme.

We follow mixed aged classrooms, where kids learn to cultivate their leadership skills along with academic subjects like languages, science and maths. After attending classes in the morning from Monday to Friday, children belonging to two classrooms are swapped in the afternoon (they have two three-hour class periods with a supervised lunch break). 

We understand that the final year of a child’s early childhood education (kindergarten) in Montessori plays an important role in their formative stage, nurturing their leadership, mentorship, academic and communication skills. Kindergarten marks their final year in early education, solidifying the skills and expertise they have learnt during the course of early Montessori education. This phase lays a strong foundation for their key skills, academics and personality development and prepares them well for higher education.

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